2020 Software of the Year

Award Winner !

Bring NAO to Life in New and Exciting Ways

with ZORA Behavior Software for NAO.

(Zora Solution Software Can Be Purchased Separately.)

Fast, Custom Behavior Creation

Just  'Drag and Drop' boxes to compose the very specific behavior you want for NAO. Text, media, gestures...the only limit is your imagination, ....whatever are your technical skills.

Steering Controller

Make your robot move at your fingertips.

A PowerPoint


NAO will present, control and animate your PowerPoint presentation!

Zora Comes with its Own 


Eliminate the hassle of WiFi connectivity. ZoraBot provides its own 'hotspot' for an instant connection.

Zora is the Perfect Software and Controller for NAO.

Whether you already own a NAO robot or are looking to get started, Zora is an important advancement available to all NAO owners today!

With Zora, you can 'unlock' the potential of your NAO robot and do more, faster, with your NAO.

Zora is built on three fundamental aspects:

1. Applications for NAO

2. NAO Composer

3. NAO Steering

Want to Create Your Own Application for NAO?

Simply use the Zora NAO composer to 'drag and drop' elements into your timeline. The composer includes dozens of pre-programmed NAO movements so you don't have to spend programming time.

It's so easy anyone, even without technical expertise can program NAO.

With Zora, you receive dozens of pre-programmed stories, dances, and games. Just press play and watch your robot come to life.

  • Base of Operations


    Say Goodbye

  • Reception



  • Games


    Rock Paper Scissors

    Push My Sensors

    How Still Can You Sit

    QA Quiz

    QR Quiz

    Guess The Sport

    Guess Emotions

    Remember The Sequence

    Simon  Says

    Sound Quiz

  • Demo Dances

    Caravan Palace



    Get Lucky

    Robot Dance

    Te pego


    Evolution of Dance

  • Entertainment

    Happy Birthday



    Read The News

  • Education

    ADL Training

    Good- Bad

    Good Sugar, Bad Sugar

    What Doesn't Belong?

    Crossword Puzzle


    Ye/No Quiz

  • Productivity

    Read an Agenda

    Weather Forecast

    Which Day Is It

    Present a PowerPoint

  • Evergreens




    La java bleue

    La vie en rose

    Le petit vin blanc


    Que Sera Sera

    Regrette de rien

    Rum and Coca Cola

  • Stories

    3 Stories for Kids

    The Three Musketeers

    Christmas Story

    Star Wars

    Read Aloud

  • Moving With Zora

    Movement Exercises

    Explore the Room

    Neglect Training

    Exercise with a Stick

    Follow Zora

    Feet Exercises

  • Sit 'N Dance

    Great Pumpkin Waltz

    Had, Shoulder, Knees

    Champs Elysees


    La java bleue

    Le petit vin blanc

    Que Sera Sera

    Thai Chi

    Twinkle Twinkle

  • Children Dances

    Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    If Your Happy

    Let It Go

  • Dances Young and Old

    Alors on danse

    Chicken Dance

    Head Shoulders

    El Mismo Sol

    Elle me dit

    Evolution of Dance




    The Hokey Pokey

NAO is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

This revolutionary software is easily downloaded onto your robot within minutes. Then, enjoy all the conveniences and efficiencies of advanced NAO programming.

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