"Artificial Creatures"
Immersive User Engagement 
Designed for a Voice/AI Powered World. 
We see ourselves as artisans of robotics.
Creating an artificial creature is one of the most exciting of all human projects. It deserves the highest standard. For you, we select the highest quality components and by integrating technology and art- we design your robot. 
Unique Robotic
The new generation of high-end artificial creatures is being created using our groundbreaking SP1 development platform.  It is dedicated to creating a unique human interaction with your unique audience.
Each of these creatures is created to be unique. They are customized to respond to your specific needs.  We work closely with you to create your hardware design and to develop your interface behavior and functionalities.
You’ll never see your robot somewhere else.
With SP1, we provide a totally new and enhanced experience for welcoming and engaging people... in shops, hotels, institutions, and events,”
Digital Totem
"SPooN's smart, emotionally powered, interactive digital interfaces that make users feel like they actually exist in a Voice-powered/AI world."
-Mike Radice
Chairman, Technology Advisory 
ChartaCloud Robotics
Look Who Is Already Underway....
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