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NOW is the time to advance customer engagement and interaction into the new age of AI-powered conversational experiences.

The workforce of the future is being developed and deployed today. AI-powered Digital Humans are transforming the human- technology interface. Companies are achieving exponential benefits in customer service and support, product support, and brand engagement.

Why? Because Digital Humans are scalable. Unlike real humans they are immediately and always available. They are digitally deployed. They operate at a rate 350% less costly than real humans.

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Digital Human Photo from: UneeQ

At ROBOTTECA we recognize that having a professional service resource to assist and guide companies in formulating their vision, strategies and development and deployment plans for the utilization of Digital Humans can lower risks and deliver faster and increased beneficial results. With Solitaire we bring our years of experience in robotics development and deployment to the new era of soft-robots - Digital Humans.


We have searched, researched and analyzed the the industry's DIGITAL HUMAN technologies to create the world's most powerful Comprehensive Digital Human Engineering platform, one that combines Digital Human interface (UneeQ), AI-powered natural language processing (Cognigy) and the ability to de-code human personality traits (Phenometrix) to deliver an unparalleled human engagement experience.

AMAZING Digital Humans are already

being deployed in:

  • Customer Service

  • Product Support

  • New Product Introductions

  • In-store Retail

  • Hotel Concierge Lobby or In-room

  • Health Care

  • Forms Automation/Completion

  • New Student On-boarding

  • Apartment Leasing

  • ..and more.

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Digital Human Image by: UneeQ

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