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Already in use in over 300 communities around the world, NAO is bringing comfort, companionship, and entertainment to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, all while helping out with important tasks!  

 NAO can help your facilities improve quality of care. First and foremost, the robot is proven to help alleviate loneliness. The patients can interact and speak with the robot - in fact - many elderly view the small robot as a 'baby' and cradle and speak with him. You will see your patients open up in ways that they were closed off before.

NAO Lends a Hand!


NAO can do more than sing, dance, and entertain. NAO can be programmed to do many roles for your community. 

The robot can also assist your caregivers - for example - explaining the daily menu to your residents every day, reading out the daily agenda, or delivering the new's top stories to your residents. 


You can also utilize your robot to lead physical therapy classes, call out the numbers on a resident BINGO game, and deliver other community-building functions. 

And, when friends and family visit, your facility can bring out NAO to entertain and play with the kids to make the visit a memorable experience. 

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