Robots In Solidarity

Fighting to Lessen the Impacts of COVID 19

Inspired by the ZoraBots European initiative we are joining in by opening a coordinating website that seeks robot manufactures, re-sellers and service support companies to offer those in need temporary use of your robots during this global crisis.

This is unique moment for all of us in robotics to show the awesome power that robots can bring to those most impacted.

If you wish to designate a quantity of robots to be donated for limited time use in:

Nursing Homes

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Hospitals (General)

Hospitals (Pediatric Care)

Home Care Services

Child Care Centers


Tele-health Connectivity

Video Linked Family Companionship Sessions


Mask Detection / Temperature Detection


We will act as coordinating resource to facilitate your participation and screen potential placement sites.

Please use the contact form below to reserve your seat for the next "Robots vs. Covid-19" Webinar Panel

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