Robot Mediated

Behavior Intervention(RMBI) for autism


NAO/RMBI for autism

Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention

Over the past five years, socially assistive robots (SARs) have demonstrated via multiple university-based clinical research and actual use in practice, great promise and potential in the domain of robot-mediated behavior intervention (RMBI) for autism. Such utilizations have demonstrated the capacity of robots to provide improvements in the quality of the lives of children diagnosed on the spectrum.  Social robots are only beginning to be seen as a vital new resource in serving the needs of children with autism and their therapists, special education teachers, speech therapists, teachers, parents, and caregivers. The growing awareness of and the expanding demand for the use of social robotics in autism interventions presents a new opportunity to effectively utilize robotic based interventions and goal tracking and measurement systems that can advance the social and learning skills of children diagnosed with autism. helping them secure a more confident and comfortable position not only as a child but as an adult.


This Center is dedicated to aiding and supporting the adoption of RMBI in autism

and continuously advancing its 'body of knowledge'.




What is robot-mediated behavior intervention (RMBI)?


With 1 in 59 children impacted by autism, we need to continue to advance the positive gains being made by robot-mediated behavior intervention.


ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA is proud to offer NAO for robot-mediated behavior intervention. NAO has qualities that are extremely well-adapted to the context of special needs education: NAO is engaging, predictable, tireless, but also multi-interactive.


The humanoid technological interface naturally attracts children. It helps to create communication bridges between the child and the people around them. The NAO robot is easy to interpret helping to reduce a child's anxiety, and minimizes the risks of over-stimulation.


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A Starting Knowledge Resource:
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Contains multiple clinical research report extracts and video-links to leading University based research programs.

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