Thanks to Blockly, children can learn coding by programming NAO and the Tablet interface.


This full offline version (School licence) includes extended features like the control of tablets, the handling of media files (Videos, Sounds, Images) and the generation of movements for NAO.


Blockly for NAO can help with:


Phonem recognition

The NAO robot asks « In which word do you hear the sound [u]? ». NAO proposes several words and:or displays images associated to words on the companion Tablet. The child answers by repeating the word, proposing a card or selecting the right answer on the Tablet.


Story telling

The NAO robot tells a story and, simultaneously, performs movements, displays images associated to words or sentences on the companion Tablet… It is also possible to complete the story with questions and answers.


Human body and Gymnastics

The NAO robot performs gymnastic movements or dances. Simultaneously, he gives explanations on the interest for the human body, on anatomy.


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Native and foreign languages (20 languages supported by NAO), mathematics, history, geography, sports