Disinfection Spray Robot

This smart disinfection spray robot can spray multiple types of disinfection liquids. It diffuses the disinfection spray into the targeted area. With auto navigation and obstacle avoidance the robot can move and work in the target area a treat the area with disinfectant spray. An iPad can be used to remotely control the robot’s work patterns and target zones.  Remote control separates human and machine interaction to avoid contact with each other and lower the infection risk. 

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Complete the disinfection is accomplished by diffusing nano-meter liquid beads into the target area. The liquid beads average diameter <10um, the spray is considered “dry”. The dry spray circulates in random movement rather fall. The beads don’t stick together to develop into large liquid beads. and beads will rebound after coming in contact with the target surface and won’t breakdown creating a wet surface. These characteristics enables the spray to diffuse into the entire target thereby disinfecting the entire area. 
Multiple Operating Modes makes this robot perfect for:
  1. Scheduled Disinfection Routes and Times
  2. Remote Control for Attacking Infected Areas
  3. Multi-map Modes for Multiple Locations
  4. Different Style Locations

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