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STEM Curriculum for NAO

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Now available from experienced NAO Robot and STEM Educators these 5 Lesson Plans are designed to introduce, excite, and engage your classroom students in the new age and discipline of robotics.


The lesson plans will lead them on a path of successful understanding of the NAO robot, programming NAO and experiencing many of its innovative features. Easy to present and follow, each of these fully documented guided lessons also include a series of Q&As that facilitate and ensure understanding of the subject matter.

It is not just about robot programming. Each lesson plan integrates and bridges the appropriate supporting concepts of math, science, engineering, and biology to advance and help students embrace understanding of the multifaceted scientific subjects that comprise STEM and robotic understanding.


Lesson  Plans are designed for grades 5 – 12.



Lesson One: Getting to Know and Understand the NAO Robot


Lesson Two: Moving NAO Along –

Planning and controlling the Walking NAO


Lesson Three: Listen Carefully –

Building NAO’s Listening and Speaking


Lesson Four: Dance Moves! –

Designing NAO’s Movements and Animations


Lesson Five: Senses – Understanding, Controlling, and Modifying NAO’s Sensory and Touch

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A Few Examples

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