The NAO Ambassador Program

In Affiliation with our NAO Partners Worldwide

Join the world's leading charitable organizations and corporate and individual benefactors that have provided a NAO for use in schools, hospitals, universities and autism therapy and research organizations.

The need has never been greater to support the efforts and vision of teachers, community libraries and therapists working tirelessly to bring the positive impact of the new era of robotics to organizations seeking new and improved ways to make the world of children and aging seniors a better place.

Whether it be in pediatric hospitals, public schools, after school programs, senior nursing homes or in advancing STEM education your donation will have an immediate and lasting impact.

We receive calls and pleas regularly from those seeking NAO funding assistance. Help us, help them,please.

Give our Ambassador Program a call at 603-915-9074 - we will work with you to define the NAO Ambassador Program that meets your donation criteria and your objectives for charitable giving.

To learn more about becoming a NAO Ambassador contact: 

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