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Now Available For NAO V6 and V5!

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MOVIA for NAO - Software Solution for autism interventions


Software to Advance Learning Readiness Skills, Social Skills, Daily Living Activities and Academics 

The MOVIA software solution for NAO offers state of the art interventions that assist children and adults who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  MOVIA software provides interactive lessons that help children and adults engage in educational and social activities and advance their daily living skills.

Examples of Child Curriculum:

Joining a Group

Staying Focused


Sharing Ideas

Fire Drill

Following Directions

Recognizing Emotions

Saying Hello and Goodbye


Predicting Outcomes

Calming Activities

Examples of Adult Curriculum:

Life Skills


Saying Hello and Goodbye

Personal Space

Starting a Conversation

Request and Help Offer

Dealing with Emotions

Healthy Eating Choices

Tooth Brushing

MOVIA is designed to augment the efforts of special educators, therapists and caregivers, providing a bridge for children on the autism spectrum and moving them from isolation to greater social and academic engagement.

Benefits for Children:

Interactions are simple, repetitive, predictable, engaging and motivating.

Benefits for Schools:

Systemized Instruction

Supported ABA principles

Metrics collection and progress reporting.

MOVIA software is tablet-based and connects to the robot via its own network. So, you just need to turn on the robot, select a lesson and the software will monitor the student's progress related to the individual goals and objectives set for that student.

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Now Available For NAO V6 and V5!

Through research and implementation, MOVIA has developed hundreds of ABA therapies and curriculums dedicated to increasing social communication, behavioral, and academic skills.


MOVIA was created to enable children with special needs and special abilities to reach their full potential in life. 


The MOVIA system increases the effectiveness and retention of therapies and interventions through high levels of engagement.  


MOVIA is low cost and easy to use.

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