The AI-powered 
Smart Robot
"Be In Touch From Wherever you are."

Tele-presence wrapped in 'smart'.

Ideal for Businesses, Retail Stores, Hotels, Apartment Facilities, Schools, Health Care, Government Agencies.

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Discover The New World of Digital Transformation.

Utilize KoiBot as a stand-alone device or combine one or more KoiBots with a privately networked multimedia storage unit. Create an internal 'intranet' that protects your business or personal data and files from the exposure of 'cloud-based' storage from 'hacking' or ransomware attacks.

Reduce costs, lower risks, improve performance.

  • Make Video Calls

  • Remote Smartphone Video Calling

  • Full 360 Screen Rotation and Face & Voice Following

  • Instant Language Translation

  • Set Alarms

  • Take Photos

  • Record Videos

  • Custom Voice Controls

  • Web Search

  • YouTube Video Displays

  • Radio – News and Music

  • Weather and News

Home Companion | Health Care | Schools | Businesses | Hotels | Retail
EASILY Add Android applications (APKs) from your favorite sources....APPS, Games. 
Remote Desktop Control from Your Smartphone..means that you can assist elderly users from wherever you are.
Take PRIVACY and SECURITY TO NEW LEVELS - Protect your personal information and files.
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