Sep 26, 2018

NAO V.6. Can't change Robot Name in Robot Setting



I recently received my new Nao V.6. and am experiencing an issue with changing the Robot Name. I have searched for possible solutions to my issue but have come up with nothing.


When running the Robot Settings I was not presented with the option to change my robot’s name as depicted in the "Configure Nao" documentation. The Robot is running the latest naoqi V. I have subsequently tried the Factory Reset and the Robot Settings a second time but still I am not presented with the option to change robot name.


I had a previous Nao V.4 on the same Community Account but have subsequently removed that robot from my account, if that makes any difference.


What am I missing?

Oct 2, 2018

Hi Kevin! Thank you very much for visiting our Support forum. This issue has been identified as a known software issue and escalated to the SoftBank Robotics Software team. Once we are aware that a fix has been issued we will contact all NAO owners with instructions on how to proceed.

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