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AI Powered Language Learning

Software for NAO


Curious Technologies, Ltd.

Available for the NAO V5 and V6

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for Pepper!


for Pepper!

Meet ELIAS Robot Software the first AI-powered social robot software that helps students learn foreign languages.

Yes, it looks just like an ordinary NAO robot, but the heart and brain of Elias is the robot behavior developed by Utelias. It can understand students’ needs, and help them practice their speaking skills in a fun and safe environment, without fear of making mistakes. 

ELIAS Robot Software turns your classroom into a positive learning experience, filled with engaging content and happy students. Get ready to take learning to a whole new dimension with ELIAS! 

"What is so clever about ELIAS is that it will understand the student's skill level and understanding, tailoring the questions specifically, so they have no need to worry whether they will be able to answer or not"

-Robots Champion

When you learn a foreign language, speaking is essential. However, in classrooms, students don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice and they are often set back by the fear of making mistakes. Organizing speaking activities is time-consuming for the teachers, which can contribute to a lack of individual feedback for each student.


With ELIAS, the students are put in real communication situations in a safe environment, where they can learn at their own pace. ELIAS gives teachers more time to focus their attention on planning their lessons as well as adapting to the needs each student.

Teachers and Parents should know:

The lesson editor enables you to create your own, tailored content. You can add lists of words or phrases with matching images, write dialogues for the robot, or simply edit ready-made lessons. The editor is useable by everyone, as you do not need any programming skills to use it. This tool makes it easy to create fun exercises for students to use to practice their speaking skills with Elias Robot.


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Mobile Accessible

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