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ROBOTTECA is a Preferred U.S. Provider Partner of ZoraBots / Zora Robotics.

The World's Leading Interactive and Caring Humanoid Robot Solutions Platform. 

The Zora Solution is designed and developed as an intelligent robot platform that makes people's lives better.

Every Robot equipped with Zora aims to bring more care, quality, and comfort to the lives of the humans they interact with.

The developers of Zora understand that each and every person is unique with individual needs. The mission: Provide interactive and personalized experiences, assistance and care.

The Robot That Brings Caring to Life in Pediatric Hospitals, Autism Therapy Interventions, Elder Care, Schools...and more. Take a moment to


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Zora is a ready to go solution! Your robot arrives pre-installed with a library of over 70  pre-programmed robot behaviors.

Zora makes your robot easy to use! The simple navigation screen lets you easily connect to your robot. No need to hassle with WiFi connections, as the Zora Solution comes with its own 'hotspot!

Thanks to the Zora Solution your robot can speak more than twenty languages!

The Zora Solution makes it easy to create your own behaviors with a simple 'drag and drop' composer.

Additional Zora Features

  • A PowerPoint reader - NAO will present, narrate and animate your PowerPoint presentation

  • A QR Quiz creator - create custom games and quizzes for more interactions 

  • The Zora Solution "Reads the News" and, "Tells the Weather"  - The robots can connect to the internet and retrieve the latest top stories and weather forecasts for your area

  • NAO exercises - follow along with the robot to do push-ups, boxing, yoga, and more!

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