Bring NAO to Life in New and Exciting Ways with ZORA Software

ZORA Behavior Software for NAO

Additional Benefits

ZORA allows you to program NAO faster than ever before. You can also do more exciting things with your NAO, including:

  • A PowerPoint reader - NAO will present your PowerPoint presentation

  • A QR Quiz creator - create custom games and quizzes for NAO interactions 

  • NAO "Reads the News" and "Tells the Weather"  - NAO will connect to the internet and retreive the latest top stories and weather forecasts for your area

  • NAO exercises - watch NAO do a push-up, boxing, yoga, and more!

ZORA is the Perfect Software and Controller for NAO


Whether you already own a NAO robot or are looking to get started, ZORA is an important advancement available to all NAO owners today! With ZORA, you can 'unlock' the potential of your NAO robot and do more, faster, with your NAO. 

ZORA is built on three fundamental aspects: (1) applications for NAO; (2) NAO composer; and (3) NAO steering

With ZORA, you receive dozens of pre-programmed stories, dances, and games. Just press play and watch your robot come to life. 

Do you want to create your own application for NAO? Simply use the NAO composer to 'drag and drop' elements into your timeline. The composer also includes dozens of pre-programmed NAO movements so you don't have to spend programming time. 

It is so easy, anyone , even without technical expertise can program NAO.

You also receive the NAO steering module. Using a directional keypad and built-in video monitor you can now make NAO walk any direction you want and stop him on demand. Again, saving programming time. 

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ZORA is the Must-Have Software for NAO Robots

ZORA makes programming NAO a breeze for NAO users around the world. This revolutionary software is easily downloaded onto your robot within minutes. Then, enjoy all the conveniences and efficiencies of advanced NAO programming.

Especially powerful for non-technical NAO users.

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