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Robots are real performance tools that meet retailers needs. We have developed several applications to accompany a customer or guest visit :


"Product Demonstration"


"Customer Intelligence"



A Robot Mastering App allows you to put your robot into the "on demand mode" and launch specific interactions. You can access the robots' online management platform.

Manage your fleet of NAO robots in multiple locations from a central site. Customize your apps, and create and modify your own content.

You can also monitor the data collected by the robots in order to measure impact and performance.

In addition, enabling instant guest interactions via robot based transactions creates increased satisfaction and even more revenue. Hospitality robotics is the new interface to the services that your guests want to know more about or engage.


NAO is the Perfect Brand Ambassador


Robot interaction attracts attention and engages the customer or guest to better deliver your message and deliver information and service.

Enrich the customer experience at every opportunity with ready-to-use applications.


Use a Web based Platform to manage your NAO robots, your applications, and customize them. Create your own timely messages, promotions and content.

The strength of a social robot is its ability to interact. It talks with customers, encourages them to interact. In a store, it attracts people and conveys messages. For instance, NAO can demonstrate a product's value and if needed can notify the salesman.

Moreover, it collects and shares data to marketers so as to adapt its behavior and offer ever more relevant interactions.

Combining the new era of robotics with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities creates a significant opportunity for the hospitality industry. In hospitality, every point increase in consumer/guest satisfaction means increased revenues. Our NAO hospitality robotics platform enables you to offer your guests pinpoint knowledge based interactions based on who they are. Customer satisfaction goes up.

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