Bringing NAO to Life in Pediatric Hospitals with:

MEDi Assited Medical Care Applications plus:


for NAO V6 !!

MEDi Image.png

MEDi is programmed with specific

behaviors to coach children in all kinds

of medical procedures such as:

           Blood Test     

          Cast Removal     


          Foley Catheter Removal


          IV Start

          Medical Play


          Oxygen Tube Insertion

          Port Access


​          Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study

​​We modify/build new ones with you.

We make sure MEDi works at the right

pace to coach, educate, and bring


MEDi Scrap Book.png

Provide Each Child with a MEDi Personal Companion

Album and Diary.

NAO is a Proven Hero in Hospitals!

NAO is available with robot behaviors that attract children's attention, coach and support them with research-based cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Hospitals and clinics can be a very scary place, especially for a child. Hospitals may be a place of healing, but to a child, hospitals mean needles, strangers in uniforms, mysterious equipment, boring wait times, and not feeling well. NAO makes it all less frightening. 


NAO performs entertaining activities to reduce anxiety levels in children - and even their parents. NAO sings, dances, tells stories, and plays games - all of which are interactions that can help reduce the anxiety that precedes a pending procedure. 

The NAO Robot Can Speak & Translate over 20 different languages!

Transforming Pediatric Care Settings


Robotic technology for healthcare has taken an exciting leap forward. Introduce NAO as a pediatric pain coach, educator, and friend.


Clinically proven to reduce a child's pain up to 50% during medical procedures. The NAO robot behaviors are designed by Dr. Tanya Beran, a leading expert in the use of robotic-based cognitive behavioral interactions, help distract and engage children during medical procedures. 

In addition, the NAO robot becomes a mascot for your hospital. With NAO, you can bring comfort to children during hospital stays, therapy sessions, and more!

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Testimonials/Customers Say

Child Life, Alberta Children's Hospital


“A 5 year-old refused to get out of bed and was getting bed sores and rashes.  She did agree to play with MEDi on the floor.  This allowed staff to change the bedding and set it up properly.  She even forgot about her tubes and moved her arms and body.  It was like magic.”  


Maria Malcolm, Child Life Specialist, Chinook Regional Hospital


"He enhances the care we give. Child Life interacting with him, him interacting with the children, the parent's excitement, it all helps to focus the child on (the NAO) called "Chip" rather than the medical procedure that is happening."

Child Life, Alberta Children's Hospital

“I have seen children smile, laugh and hug their parents after a few moments with MEDi whereas previously they were crying and screaming in anger, sadness and frustration.” 

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