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ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces the Availability

of Elias Robot (AI) Software for Learning a New Language.


Elias Robot Software, the First Humanoid Robot Software for Learning a New Language, Provides Seven Language Learning Systems with More to Come.


Kensington, New Hampshire – July 23, 2019 – ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA (“ROBOTTECA”) today announced an agreement with Curious Technologies Ltd. of Finland to offer its language learning software called ELIAS Robot Software (“ELIAS”) for use with the NAO Humanoid Robot. NAO is a product of Softbank Robotics. ELIAS enables the NAO robot to act as a language learning coach using pedagogic solutions interacting with students using a ‘voice user interface’ (VUI) and artificial intelligence (AI). ELIAS allows teachers to use the NAO robot as a classroom assistant or for customizing individual lessons setting specific learning objectives and the pace of learning for individual students. The use of vocabulary games, memory exercises, and real-life conversation simulations further enables language learning. The ELIAS application is based on a scientifically proven method of teaching. The content was created in collaboration with Finnish schools and teachers in order to fully adapt to the needs of the classroom.

“There are skills that can be learned only in communication but are difficult to practice with other people such as speaking foreign languages, beating stage fright or saying no to bullies. This is where Elias can help! ELIAS Robot software with NAO helps students practice communication skills in a safe and positive way. With ELIAS, students don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. The NAO robot doesn’t get tired of listening and repeating. Using ELIAS with a NAO robot can really make learning fun and entertaining. Fun and playfulness improve learning results, engage students in the learning process, enhance problem-solving skills, and strengthen the interaction,” said Michael Radice, chairman of technology advisory for ROBOTTECA.

The company also stated that ELIAS for NAO is available for immediate purchase for the following languages: English; Finnish; French; German; Italian; Spanish; and Swedish via its website at

"We are impressed with the flexibility of the  ELIAS lesson editor which provides a platform that enables users to create their own, tailored content to be used by ELIAS. Users can add lists of words or phrases with matching images, write dialogues for the NAO robot, or simply edit the ready-made lessons. The editor makes ELIAS accessible for everyone, as you do not need any programming skills to use it. This tool makes it easy to create fun exercise for students to practice their speaking skills with an Elias Software Robot," concluded Radice.

“We are pleased to introduce ELIAS in the U.S with ROBOTTECA. We know from our experience that integrating Elias in the classroom creates a positive learning experience for both teacher and student. The application uses fun pictures, learning by ear, and conversational practices. Importantly this gives access to language learning for children who do not have the ability to read. It can also be used in circumstances when a student doesn’t have access to a qualified language teacher, such as in homeschooling,” said Johanna Hemminki, CEO, Curious Technologies Ltd.

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces Agreement with SPooN


SPooN’s ‘Artificial Creatures’ Universal Interface for Every Digital Device Opens a New Era of Human-Robot Interaction in a Voice /AI-powered World


North Hampton, New Hampshire- February 19, 2020- ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced its agreement to become a SPooN value-added reseller and to introduce SPooN ‘artificial creatures’ in the U.S. and Canadian markets. SPooN based in Paris, France is a start-up company that creates empathetic and interactive characters powered by artificial intelligence (AI). SPooN’s new era developmental platform allows for the creation of a universal digital device interface driven by voice/AI-powered emotional engagement and contextual context conversational management. SPooN is designed to be used with multiple computing, robotic and digital information kiosk hardware deployments in a voice-powered/AI world.

“The new horizon of human-robot interface development has begun, focused upon the use of ‘digital creatures’ that make users feel like they exist, drive the ease and comfort of engagement and embraces the power of emotional recognition in creating human-like social robotic engagements,” said Michael Radice, managing director, ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA. “As experienced providers of social robotic solutions we are excited about the unique and innovative developmental path created by SPooN to create what we call ‘marvelous creatures’,” Radice concluded.

“We are delighted to partner with ChartaCloud, our first partner to enter the North American market. We believe our SPooNies characters can deliver marvelous experiences in the US, as they already do in Europe and Japan. Each of our creatures is created to be unique, as it is designed to answer a clients’ specific needs.  We work closely with clients to create their own behavior and functionalities. You’ll never see your SPooNy somewhere else. With SPooNy, we provide a totally disruptive and marvelous experience for welcoming people in shops, hotels, institutions and events,” said Jerome Monceaux, ceo of SPooN.



ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA to Host 4th NAO User and Developer Congress February 26-27, 2020

Leading NAO Robot Software Developers from Canada, Belgium, Finland, France, India, Japan, Netherlands and the United States Will Headline the 2020 Congress

MassRobotics in Boston, MA, USA Will Host the Two-Day Virtual Broadcast Event

North Hampton, New Hampshire- Jan 26, 2020- ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced that it will host its 4th NAO Robot User and Developer Congress on February 26-27, 2020. The Congress will feature presentations from the world’s leading developers of software for the NAO robot. Also included will be real life use case presentations from experts on the use and deployment of the NAO robot in pediatric medical care, public libraries, autism therapy, skilled nursing facilities for the elderly and STEAM education in schools. The NAO Robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

In recognition of the concern about the carbon impact of travel on the environment, the 2020 Congress will be an all broadcast virtual ‘go green’ event. MassRobotics in Boston, MA. USA will serve as the host broadcast facility for the two-day Congress.

Complete details about the Congress and the planned agenda can be seen at:

 Tickets for link access to any or all NAO Congress presentations may be obtained via Eventbrite at: EVENTBRITE

About ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA is a business unit of ChartaCloud Robotics LLC and is located in North Hampton, New Hampshire. ROBOTTECA specializes in sales, service, support, development and deployment of socially assistive robots and robot behavior software for assisted pediatric medical care, autism behavior therapeutic interventions, elder care in skilled nursing facilities, home health care-tele-presence, STEM education, public library ‘makerspace’ and digital literacy , and retail/hospitality engagement use cases. Additional information may be found at:

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ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces the Availability of PRODUXI PERFORMER Software for the NAO Humanoid Robot


New Software Provides Innovative PowerPoint Presentation System for Use with the NAO Robot


Kensington, New Hampshire – July 17, 2019 – ChartaCloud | ROBOTTTECA today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Roboduxi of the Netherlands to be a value-added reseller of its behavior software for the NAO humanoid robot. The NAO robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics. PERFORMER software enables the NAO robot to incorporate and present PowerPoint presentations for use in educational or hospitality presentations in schools, businesses and retail environments.

Roboduxi joins with worldwide developers from Belgium, Canada, France, Finland, India, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States to offer their software via ROBOTTECA, the world’s leading provider of NAO robot behavior software.

“We are very excited to expand the ROBOTTECA NAO software portfolio with PRODUXI’s PERFORMER. PRODUXI of one of the oldest and most experienced NAO application developer companies and offers a unique approach to the factors influencing the innovative new uses of the NAO robot. In the end users such as teachers and educators and those in retail consumer engagement will now have a powerful new application in their solution set using NAO together with PowerPoint,” said Michael Radice, chairman of the technology advisory for ChartaCloud.

“We are very excited about the potential of PERFORMER for the NAO robot. Being able to create and have NAO present PowerPoint presentations for school educational programs and business presentations adds an innovative dimension to the NAO robot’s use,” said Bert Bierman, founder and ceo of ROBODUXI.

More about ROBODUXI products can be seen at The product is available for immediate purchase.

ROBOTTECA Announces Robots and Autism Researcher Panel to Air June 27, 2019

Leading Researchers to Convene to Discuss their Findings for Robots Used

in Mediated Behavior Interventions in Autism


Kensington New Hampshire – May 31, 2019- ROBOTTECA announced today that it is hosting a Research Panel Roundtable of leading university researchers to discuss their research on the use of socially assistive robots in robot-mediated behavior interventions in autism. With 1 in 59 children now being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, advancing digital assistive resources are needed to meet the demand for skilled therapeutic early intervention counseling, assisted daily living skills, learning and social skills development that these children and their families require.

Researchers from leading universities that will be participating on the panel include:

Cal Baptist University, Dr. Kathryn Short

California State University, Northridge, Victor Ramirez

Carnegie Mellon University, Kim Baraka

LaTrobe University, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Khaksar

Texas Tech University, Dr. Rebecca Beights

University of Connecticut, Tim Gifford

University of Nevada, Reno, Dr. David Feil-Seifer

University of New Hampshire, Dr. Momotaz Begum

Vanderbilt University, Dr. Nilanjan Sarkar

Yale University, Dr. Brian Scassellati

“We are very pleased to arrange this important event in order to advance the sharing of the knowledge that surrounds digital therapeutics in autism. Researchers have long proven the potential and the benefits regarding the use robots in autism therapies, however, we need to continue to encourage continued research efforts and further awareness in this sphere of research. Doing so is critical.” said Michael Radice, chairman of the technology advisory board for ROBOTTECA.

The company stated that critical questions such as the state-of-the-art of today’s socially assistive robots in autism, evidence-based practices (EBP) for the use of robots, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and identifying the need for additional software and robotic based technologies will be posed.

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Launches Socially Assistive Robot Solutions


Company Offers Socially Assistive Robots for use in autism behavior intervention, Pediatric Hospitals, Special Needs Education and Elder Care



Portsmouth, New Hampshire – March 7, 2019 – ChartaCloud | Robotteca today announced the launch of specialized socially assistive robot-based behaviors for use in robot-mediated behavior intervention (RMBI) for autism, assisted pediatric medical care in hospitals, special needs education in school classrooms and social and assisted daily living engagement in elder care. The company stated that the availability of these solutions is the result of a global collaboration with developers from Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland and the United States. The company also announced that detailed descriptions of its solutions via its newly launched website at


“We are committed to advancing the new era of socially assistive robotics including the advances of human-robot interface (HRI) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems and software which are used to expand the robot’s effectiveness. Socially assistive robots help clinicians, therapists, special needs educators, school teachers and families enhance conventional methods used in care and education,” said Michael Radice, chairman of the technology advisory board of ChartaCloud.

 “Our mission is to constantly search the world for socially assistive robot solutions found in Universities, software development organizations and businesses that can make a proven, positive difference and then make them available to caregivers, educators, researchers, and families,” Radice added. “As an example, with the CDC now estimating that 1 in 59 children are being diagnosed with autism in the U.S., the demand for new resources to provide effective autism behavior intervention therapy is clear. Using robot-based interventions in autism helps expand the resources available to therapeutic services and schools. Socially assistive robots provide that additional resource.” concluded Radice.


More information can be found at

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces ERM’s BLOCKLY Software Development Application for NAO Robot Behavior Programming


New Software to Debut at the 2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress


November 6, 2018 – Portsmouth, New Hampshire – ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced the availability of the new BLOCKLY software development application for programming behaviors for the NAO humanoid robot. The NAO robot a product of SoftBank Robotics is in use in over 50 countries speaking 19 languages. The new application called askNAO BLOCKLY, was developed by ERM Robotique of Carpentras, France and will be formally introduced in the U.S. and Canadian markets at the Third Annual 2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress being held in Boston, Massachusetts, November 1-3, 2018. Blockly utilizes visual object ‘blocks’ that are linked together to make writing software easier and generate PYTHON code which is popular with NAO users and developers. A major feature of askNAO BLOCKLY is its capacity to enable robot-user interactions/dialogues via a tablet interface.


“BLOCKLY first introduced in 2012 is very popular among users and developer of LEGO robot kits and systems. This introduction of askNAO BLOCKLY we believe creates a natural path for LEGO users who as they progress in knowledge, age and experience want to advance to more sophisticated humanoid robotic platforms such as the NAO robot,” said Mike Radice, chairman of ChartaCloud’s technology advisory board.

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces Collaboration with Communication Services


Communication Services to Offer Services Designed to Assist Libraries, Schools and Children’s Hospitals secure Funding or Grants for the Purchase of the NAO Robot


November 6, 2018 – Portsmouth, New Hampshire – ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA announced today that it is referencing and recommending Communication Services of Albany, New York to its user community for the purposes of fundraising and grant writing for the purchase of the NAO Robot for use in libraries, schools and children’s pediatric hospitals. The NAO robot, a product of SoftBank Robotics, is in use in over 50 countries speaking 19 languages. ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA is a premier provider of the NAO robot and the world’s leading provider of specialized use case software for the NAO robot. Communication Services is a recognized leader in assisting libraries and healthcare organizations achieve success in fundraising and grant procurements.

“We are constantly asked for help in working with potential NAO robot users in schools, universities, pediatric hospitals and libraries to help secure the funds necessary to purchase a NAO robot. We are excited to now recommend and arrange referral support services for these organizations,” said Michael Radice, chairman of the technology advisory board for ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA.

The NAO robot has proven to be a success in library ‘makerspace’ and community digital literacy programs, autism intervention therapies and special education programs in schools and in assisted medical care in pediatric hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

“Working together with their local schools, students can obtain free robotics programing software from the ‘makerspace’ initiative resources popular at libraries, use that software to develop their own robot applications and then go to the library to test them on a real robot,” Radice added.

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces Expanded Global Relationships for Its NAO Robot Services and Software Initiative


2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress to Be Held in Boston November 1-3, 2018  


October 5, 2018 – Portsmouth, New Hampshire - ChartaCloud | ROBOTTECA the world’s leading provider of software for the NAO robot, today announced that it has added Airnest Inc. of Japan, Kokorobot of Japan, Produxi of the Netherlands, and SOMAI of Brazil to its global software and services collaboration initiative for the NAO robot. The NAO robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics. More than 17,000 NAO robots are in use in over 50 countries, speaking 19 languages. The newly announced companies will join with existing ROBOTTECA service and software providers Avatarion of Switzerland, ERM of France, HOOMANO of France, Int2grate of Canada, New Life Robotics of Canada, RxRobots of Canada, SoutheCare of the United States, TN ActiveCare of Canada, and ZoraBots of Belgium.


ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA is the sponsor and host of the 2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress which will be held in Boston, MA, USA November 1-3, 2018. Featured Keynotes for the Congress will include Professor Taskin Padir, Northeastern University, Boston, USA and Miriam Bilac, Softbank Robotics, Paris, France. The Congress themed “eXponential ‘18” will feature live demonstrations and interactions with the newly announced NAO robot called the NAO Power 6, and the introduction of numerous new software solutions for use with the NAO robot.

Information about the 2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress can be found at and tickets can be purchased at see: NAO Congress Boston

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces

2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress


Third Annual Congress Themed Exponential 18,

Will Convene in Boston, MA, USA, November 1-3, 2018

and Will Feature the New NAO Power 6 Robot



Kensington, New Hampshire, USA – August 15, 2018 – ChartaCloud Robotics | ROBOTTECA today announced that it will host the 2018 NAO Robot User and Developer Congress, November 1st through 3rd in Boston, MA USA. This is the third annual NAO Congress and its major focus will be the new NAO Power 6 Robot from Softbank Robotics. Users and developers gather together at the Congress annually to participate in educational sessions and workshops, join in common interest group discussions, share technical advances, and network with other NAO Congress attendees from around the world. Already, Congress speakers and attendees from Canada, Belgium, Brazil, France, India, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the United States will attend.

More than 15,000 NAO Robots are already in use speaking 20 languages in over 50 countries. Use cases for the NAO robot include autism intervention therapy, assisted pediatric medical care, STEM robotics programs in schools, assisted living in skilled nursing facilities, digital literacy and maker space programs in public libraries, retail store consumer engagement, retail banking, hospitality concierge services and more.

The 2018 Congress hosting venues are the Foley Hoag Executive Conference Center located on the Boston Harbor and at the MASSRobotics facility, home of the NASA Valkyrie robot in Boston. Congress Keynotes will include Taskin Padir, Associate Professor Northeastern University’s Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles Research Laboratory and Software Robotics’ NAO Software Engineer, Miriam Bilac.
“We are pleased and excited to once again be the sponsor and host for the NAO Congress in 2018. The Congress always proves to be an informative and enthusiastic global event for NAO Users and Application Developers from around the world. Our agenda of participating companies and research organizations continues to expand and always highlights the leading-edge innovations and utilizations of NAO, the world’s most successful humanoid style, social robot,” said Michael Radice, chairman technology advisory board, ChartaCloud | ROBOTTECA and Congress organizer.


More details about the Congress can be found at and tickets for the 2018 Congress are available on Eventbrite at

Robot-mediated Autism Intervention: Hardware, Software and Curriculum

A Robotics Science and Systems 2018 Workshop

to be held at Carnegie Mellon University


Academic Researchers, Clinicians and Roboticists Will Gather to Define the Next Generation of Technologies Needed to Advance the Impact of Robots in Autism Therapies


Kensington, New Hampshire – May 24, 2018 – The organizers of this workshop designed to advance the definition of new hardware and software technologies and curriculum needed to advance the impact of a social robot’s autism behavior intervention, today announced that a workshop will be held June 30, 2018 at Carnegie Mellon University as part of the 2018 Robotics Science and Systems Conference,


The organizers of the workshop are Assistant Prof. Momotaz Begum, University of New Hampshire and Michael D. Radice Charmain of the Technology Advisory Board, ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA. The foundational concept of the workshop is to bring together academic researchers, clinicians, roboticists and therapy practioners to dialogue and debate what the next level of technology and curriculum requirement needs to be.


“While great strides have been made in robot mediated behavior intervention technologies, much more is required to realize seamless deployment of robots. We observe that the academic community has a sense that their work has demonstrated and legitimized the use and benefits of social robotics in autism behavior intervention therapies. We know, however, from our direct interactions with autism therapists and school teachers that there remain significant untapped challenges and potential if the technologies and the curricula can be defined and advanced,” said Momotaz Begum, assistant professor, University of New Hampshire.


“It is equally critical to engage industry roboticists and academic researchers in this dialogue such that developmental plans for existing robot platforms, the evolution of robots or even the creation of entirely new robots can be considered and applied to future autism therapies,” said Mike Radice, chairman, ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces Agreement with Avatarion

Company to Offer Advanced Humanoid Robot Platform for In-classroom Learning and for Real-time Engagement with Students Medically Unable to Attend School


Kensington, New Hampshire – March 15, 2018 – ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced an agreement with Avatarion Technology AG based in Zurich, Switzerland to introduce Avatarion’s solutions, Avatarkids ™ and yeolab ™ and associated classroom supporting accessories designed to expand the use of the social robot called NAO. The NAO robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics. There are over 10,000 NAO robots already deployed speaking 19 languages in 50 counties. ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA is the world’s leading value-added supplier of multiple use case software for the NAO robot.

The Avatarion solution will be marketed in North America by ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA as yeolab™ for kids powered by Avatarion. The system enables teachers to create subject area lesson plans that are deployed for in-classroom use. Using individual computer tablets, students are connected to the robot and can interact with robot-based lesson plans and the NAO robot. The teacher also has their own tablet used to control the robot and to launch behaviors supporting the lesson. For example, the robot can talk in many different languages, help present and solve mathematical terms or problems or lead gymnastic, motor control development exercises with the school children. Teachers can monitor an individual student’s activity, scoring and learning progress.

The system also enables student to easily design and develop their own custom robot behaviors using simple ‘drag and drop’ robot behavior icons pre-stored in the robot actions composing library to build games, quizzes, dance routines and story-telling applications all the while learning about robots and robotics.

“This solution from Avatarion significantly expands our commitment to childhood learning and skills development. This also a very exciting extension to our existing solutions for autism and special needs educational tools. We already deploy the NAO robot for use in Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) for autism therapies, in pediatric hospitals for assisted medical care, in public libraries for ‘makerspace’ education and learning activities so we know the power of engagement that NAO has with children,” said Michael Radice, chairman technology advisory board ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA. “This addition is a powerful advance in robot-based educational technology,” he concluded.

“Avatarion is delighted to join with ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA who will work with us to expand and deliver our yeolab™ and Avatarkids ™ solutions in the U.S. and Canada,” said Thierry Perronnet, general manager, Avatarion.

The company also stated that Avatarkids ™& yeolab™ solutions can also be deployed with a robot ‘avatar’ module that enables school age children to remain in contact with their familiar environments at school and at home during a long-term hospital or extended home-based medical stays. The on-screen NAO robot ‘avatar’ serves as the link between the child as a patient in a hospital and their school and/or their family at home. The child in a hospital or at home can perceive via his computer tablet, what the ‘avatar’ robot sees and hears in the classroom or at home and can even participate in the school lessons or home activities by remote controlling the robot. Vice-versa the child's voice is transmitted to the classroom or home via the ‘avatar’ robot.

“The Avatarkids™ and yeolab™   solutions is widely deployed across Europe and the collaboration between ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA and AVATARION represents a significant step forward for the availability of these products in North America and Canada.” Radice concluded.

The company also referenced its recent introductions of TN ActiveCare for autism practice management, the askNAO Tablet for autism intervention therapies and that it has chosen to launch its “INSPIRE ME. I AM A UNIQUE CHILDsm” awareness and education program with AUTISM TODAY one of the oldest and widely read autism knowledge, news and information resources.

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces Agreement with ERM Robotique to Offer the askNAO Tablet for autism Behavior Interventions

Suite of Available NAO Robot behaviors significantly advances ease of use of Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) for autism.

Parents of children with autism could go to a public library that offers access to a NAO robot and easily engage with their children.


 Kensington, New Hampshire, USA – March 13, 2018 – ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced an agreement with ERM Robotique of Carpentras, France to become the exclusive distributor of the askNAO Tablet in the United States and Canada. The askNAO Tablet is composed of multiple application software modules that enable connectivity of the tablet to the NAO robot, control over the robot and the launching of selected robot behaviors. It is designed to be used as an assistive technology in the world of Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) for autism and special education.The NAO robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

The activities provided with AskNAO Tablet are divided into four major groups:

  • Educational games:  The NAO robot presents the situation, asks a question and the child gives their answer either orally, or by showing the robot an object, or a card or selecting an answer via the tablet screen; for example: the color hunt; the game of animals; guess my emotions; guess the sport.

  • Physical activities: The NAO robot leads fun physical activities for children to improve gross motor skills. Example activities are: adventure; Yoga; follow me.

  • Stories: The NAO robot uses all its senses to tell captivating stories such as The Three Musketeers; Christmas Eve; History of Pirates.

  • Rewards: The NAO robot plays and dances using popular music like: Electro Swing and Taï Chi.

askNAO Tablet software is available for immediate purchase via

“We are very excited that we are able to bring this development by ERM Robotique to the North American market. More importantly, it adds a powerful additional resource to our growing commitment to serving those who care for children with autism,” said Michael Radice, chairman technology advisory board, ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA.

The company also stated that it has recently announced TN North’s TN ActiveCare a comprehensive autism practice management system and system for Robot-Mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) sessions.

 “We now offer the most extensive suite of autism software for Autism therapists, teachers and families who are users of the NAO robot. We recognize that the expanded use of technology by autism therapy service providers, in schools, pediatric hospitals and even in public libraries are needed to address the needs of the growing number of children with autism, now estimated to be 1 in 65,” Radice concluded.


ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Selects TN ActiveCare  

for autism Therapy Management Platform


TN ActiveCare to Be Used as the Therapy Management platform for Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) for autism Therapies Using the NAO Robot


Company Introduces Its “Inspire Me. I Am a Unique” Awareness Program


Kensington, New Hampshire – February 22, 2018 -  ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced that it has selected the TN ActiveCare autism Therapy Management system from Technology North Corporation and that it will introduce TN ActiveCare as an integral part of its solution set for Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) in autism. TN ActiveCare is an SaaS based integrated system used by autism therapists, special needs educators and autism service provider organizations for session planning, session management, patient goal setting, progress reporting and analytical data extractions. Used in combination with the NAO robot and NAO robot behaviors for autism intervention, it provides a comprehensive solution that enables behavior therapists to deliver more efficient and effective child focused, child unique robot-based therapies.


“Marketplace adoption by behavior therapists and special needs educators is expanding as they increasingly become aware and recognize the benefits of robot-mediated behavior interventions for children with autism. We know that many practices have already embraced the benefits of TN ActiveCare as a practice management tool. It only made sense that we now come together to advance the state-of-the-art for autism therapy in a unified manner. We are very excited about the positive nature of the impact upon children with autism that this collaboration will deliver and the attendant improvements on service provider operational efficiencies. Being able to serve more patients more effectively is the objective,” said Michael Radice, chairman technology advisory, ChartaCloud |ROBOTTECA.


What is Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) for autism?

It is the use of a Social Robotic (SR) platform robot, in this case the NAO robot, to be the deliverer of specially designed intervention skill behavior sessions using pre-programmed, child customized robot behaviors to ask questions, engage in quizzes, challenge for object recognition, improve speech skills, play games and lead physical gross motor skill development and control exercises.


"Our use of NAO robots in robot-mediated instruction at the Shaler Academy Learning Center has proven to be an innovative and vital element in our continual efforts to utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to help meet the special needs of the children we service in the Ridgefield Public Schools community in New Jersey.  The NAO robots are part of a broad effort to tap new technologies to enhance education. Most children are fascinated with technology; especially children on the autism spectrum.  NAO is programed to interact with students in an encouraging and non-threatening way allowing for learning and reinforcement of both social and academic skills.  NAO helps youngsters learn to communicate, follow directions and become more interactive with the people around them.  The use of NAO has enabled us to see student engagement and document progress.  All students in our school are eager to interact with our NAO robots.  Our special needs educational professionals remain committed to always doing what we can and consider NAO a valued member of our team," said Mary Ellen Paradiso, speech and language specialist, Shaler Academy Learning Center.


For its RMBI platform the company had chosen the NAO robot a product of SoftBank Robotics. Clinical research has shown the power of the NAO robot as a non-judgmental, engaging and never tiring provider of behavior intervention therapy session routines that many children find attention sustaining and inspiring. Over 10,000 NAO robots are being used in a variety of use case scenarios, speaking 19 languages in 50 countries.

“We are very excited about the potential to utilize the NAO robot for autism intervention. Doing so will address two common challenges worldwide, the shortage of qualified intervention resources and the increasing need for quality care and data collection. We are looking forward to introducing robot care to our customers and partners worldwide,” said Ling Huang, CEO of Technology North Corporation.


ChartaCloud further stated that it has launched an awareness campaign titled: “Inspire me. I am a unique child.” to increase the understanding that each autistic child is a unique person and as such their individual needs in addressing social skills, communication skills, learning skills, self-control, physical motor skills and more, all need to be crafted to the needs of that child.


With 1 in 65 children in the United States diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, early age programs that can enhance a child’s abilities to meet the needs of self-sufficient adult living is critical.


Both the NAO Robot / RMBI Platform and the TN ActiveCare system which can be purchased and used separately or in combination are immediately available from ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA.


Full description Solution Briefs describing the company’s autism focused technologies can be obtained via the company’s website.


About ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA provides social, collaborative and tele-presence robots, robot behavior software and pre-configured robot deployments. ROBOTTECA specializes in the sale, support and deployment of the NAO robot, a product of SoftBank Robotics, for use case solutions in pediatric health care, autism intervention therapies, STEM educational curricula, senior care social engagement in skilled nursing facilities, public library ‘makerspace’ learning initiatives, retail/hospitality consumer engagement and tradeshow and customer education center presentations. ROBOTTECA is the world’s leading provider of advanced software for programming the NAO robot. Additional information can be found at


About Technology North Corporation

TN is a Canadian based IT firm which specializes in the development of enabling systems for autism lifespan care, including TN ActiveCare, an integrated case management and clinic practice management platform; masBility – an integrated program for job creation for autism adult and TN ActiveLife – a project to create an integrated work-live community.


ChartaCloud Announces Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) Solution for autism Therapies


Company Chooses AUTISM TODAY to Launch Its

 “INSPIRE ME.  I AM A UNIQUE CHILD.” Awareness Program



Company Launches the “AMBASSADOR” Program to Facilitate Individuals, Foundations and Corporate Sponsors to Donate a Robot to Make a Difference in the Lives of Children with autism, their schools and families



Kensington, New Hampshire – February 12, 2018 – ChartaCloud today announced the introduction of its NAO robot-based solution package for use in providing autism intervention therapies for children diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum or having Asperger’s Syndrome. The NAO robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics. The Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention (RMBI) solution from ChartaCloud enables therapists and educators to utilize the NAO robot to deliver pre-established robot intervention behaviors and/or create unique behavior intervention sessions for children under their care.


“With 1 in 65 children diagnosed on the spectrum we need significant improvement in intervention therapies. The evidence is very clear regarding the benefits of robot-mediated behavior intervention (RMBI) and is demonstrative of the new frontiers being conquered when and where technology is focused on the autism challenge. As a society, I believe that we are not addressing the autism challenge at a rate significant enough to affect the alarming expansion in the number of children impacted,” said Michael Radice, chairman technology advisory board, ChartaCloud.


The company stated that the driving factors behind RMBI are that many children trust robots more than humans, that the robots never tire in their task and they don’t unknowingly express signals of frustration, such as changes in facial expression and voice tonality which are so easily detected by children.


“What must be kept in mind is that autism is not a disease and that each child diagnosed

as being on the spectrum is a unique person. The use of the robot enables therapists and educators to customize sessions to the differing needs and the learning pace of each child. When utilized with proper, professionally diagnosed and knowledgeable goal setting and results tracking, more children can be better served,” Radice added.


The company further stated that it has chosen AUTISM TODAY, one of the autism world’s leading and most respected autism information resources since 1998, for announcing its “Inspire Me. I Am a Unique Child.” awareness program for Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention.


“I am thrilled with the advances in ROBOTTECA’s robot-based technology designed to help with the social engagement of children with autism to such a high degree.  I believe in my heart that it will truly change the future for people with autism and those who care for them forever,” said Karen Simmons, founder, ceo, Autism Today.


“We organized and hosted the first workshop that brought together leading clinicians and researchers to share their RMBI experiences and results. That was the seminal event when we positively knew we were making a difference,” Radice added.


“From a technology perspective we chose the NAO robot because of its unique and engaging persona. NAO is in use in over 50 countries, speaks 19 languages and with over 10,000 NAO robots in use in multiple use cases, NAO has proven itself to be an industrial-grade platform in the class of Social Robots. Perhaps most importantly, children just love NAO!” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, ChartaCloud.


More information about Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention can be found at the website for the robotics business unit of ChartaCloud.


About ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA provides social, collaborative and tele-presence robots, robot behavior software and pre-configured robot deployments. ROBOTTECA specializes in the sale, support and deployment of the NAO robot, a product of SoftBank Robotics, for use case solutions in pediatric health care, autism intervention therapies, STEM educational curricula, senior care social engagement in skilled nursing facilities, public library ‘makerspace’ learning initiatives, retail/hospitality consumer engagement and tradeshow and customer education center presentations. ROBOTTECA is the world’s leading provider of advanced software for programming the NAO robot. Additional information can be found at .

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Launches NAO Robot

Behavior Application Exchange Service


Company to Also Launch the NAO and IBM Watson Connectivity Education Series



Portsmouth, New Hampshire – November 15, 2017 – ChartaCloud Robotics LLC (“ChartaCloud”) today announced the availability of the NAO Application Exchange Service via its web site at  The service has been established to allow developers and users of the NAO robot, a product of SoftBank Robotics, to purchase and sell NAO robot behavior applications.

“There are already thousands of NAO robots in use around the world and the expansion of and demand for behavior applications and technology integrations using the NAO robot platform continues to grow at an increasing pace. The community of NAO users and developers have been seeking a market place through which they can share and obtain advanced NAO behaviors. We are pleased to provide that service,” said Mike Radice, chairman technology advisory board, ChartaCloud.

The NAO robot has proven its versatility and utility in pediatric hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, libraries, public schools for STEM education, university based research programs and as a platform for robot-mediated behavior intervention in providing autism engagement therapies.


The company also announced it will host its first educational webinar in a series that addresses how to connect the NAO Robot to/with the IBM Watson service on November 28 at 3 PM (Eastern). Details of the webinar can be found at

“It is clear that the next developmental horizon for NAO is advancing its integration in cognitive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) integrations. In response to NAO community requests we ae pleased to offer this instructional series,” Radice concluded.


About is a business unit of ChartaCloud Technologies LLC. Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Robotteca specializes in sales, service, support and deployment of robots and robot behavior software for social, telepresence, educational, retail, health care and home companion use cases. Additional information may be found at:

ChartaCloud Introduces Ohmni Telepresence Robot with MyCareVision


Remotely Drive-able Telepresence Robot Now Powered with Software

for Home Care Services and Age at Home Seniors


Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Feb 25, 2016 – ChartaCloud Technologies LLC today announced that its robotics business unit, ROBOTTECA, has selected the OhmniLabs’ robot “Ohmni” for the ‘age-at-home’ and health care telepresence markets. The MyCareVisiontm offering from ChartaCloud pairs the Ohmni telepresence robot with MyHomeReach, a unified care giver/care recipient health care communications, monitoring and assisted daily living management application.

“At ChartaCloud we remain deeply engaged in advancing robotics and home health care applications. We became quickly convinced that the Ohmni’s design and features make it the first robot platform we considered ideal for in home use due to its mobility, responsiveness and non-intrusive presence in a home care setting and for its use as a social companion. We have been tracking the potential of assisted home care companion robotics for a number of years and we are confident that OhmniLabs’ Ohmni is the correct use case solution,” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, Chartacloud.

The company stated that the Ohmni robot’s major features include: No software to install, remote driving by caregivers and family members via a web-based browser, moving neck providing a huge field of view vertically and horizontally, always-on floor view camera, silent motion, auto docking with glide-lock charging station, far field microphone and powerful speaker, light weight and easily foldable for transport.

MyHomeReach software from HealthComms serves as an application installed on the Ohmni robot and provides ‘one touch’ interaction for connecting care recipients, care givers and family members via instant messaging, immersive, high definition tele-presence, one touch health status monitoring and reporting, call for ‘HELP’ signaling, audio messaging and light signaling to user’s events or reminder awareness, and assisted daily living (ADL) plans such as medication plan adherence.


 “The Ohmni has given me the priceless ability to stay in touch with my family on a daily basis. It is convenient, easy to use and an exciting experience,” said Thelma Ackley, an Ohmni user.

“We use FaceTime on iPad a lot and I wasn’t sure how a robot could be different. But when [my son] Charlie showed up it was REALLY LIKE he was there in person. He drove me nuts running around the house but it was AMAZING to all sit down for dinner. Loved the experience,” said Mia Grado an Ohmni user.

The Ohmni robot and MyCareVision services can be purchased separately.

 “With Ohmni based MyCareVision we are now firmly into the new era of affordable robotic home companionship and remote observation. We know from experience that many family members and professional care givers can’t be with their loved ones or clients 24/7. With Ohmni they can now be instantly there. We also know that isolation, feelings of insecurity and loneliness, are life threatening and have a life shortening impact. An Ohmni delivers positive life changing transformation in the lives of those needing health care and social engagement. Home care services now have a new high impact assistant to help reduce hospital admissions,” added Schimmel.

 “We are extremely pleased in the selection by ChartaCloud’s ROBOTTECA of Ohmni. Their experience in robotics and their joining of Ohmni with their home health care applications and services creates an industry leading advance in robotic based home care and companionship,” said Thuc Vu, co-founder and ceo, OhmniLabs.

MyHomeReach is a product of HealthComms Ltd. Dublin Ireland.

ChartaCloud Announces ZORA The Humanoid Robot for Senior Skilled Nursing Facilities


The ZORA Application for the Aldebaran NAO Robot Comes to Heath Care in the United States


ChartaCares, the technology enabled health care business unit of ChartaCloud Technologies (“ChartaCloud”), today announce that it will offer ZORA, the humanoid robot for assisted health care to U.S. skilled nursing facilities and retirement communities. Developed by ZORA ROBOTICS of Ostend, Belgium, the ZORA application for the Aldebaran NAO robot has been widely adopted in European communities with over 200 ZORA robots already assisting health care workers and enhancing the quality of life of seniors.

“We have all been waiting and watching as to when and how humanoid robots would enter the health care market as a real and practical product. We see ZORA as a proven first mover and the one to actually gain acceptance in senior health care use cases. Following our own extensive testing we are convinced that ZORA will be a revolutionary step forward in the practical deployment of humanoid robots in health care. The combination of ZORA’s software for senior care use cases used with the NAO robot from Aldebaran, which is the world’s most popular humanoid robot, we believe creates a formidable new era in senior care.” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, ChartaCloud.

The ZORA application provides a robust suite of ready to go behaviors for use in senior care such as leading exercise classes, leading dance sessions, providing therapies for cognitive impairment, playing group and individual games, providing seniors with general information such as today’s news and weather and the day’s events and food menus.

“The ZORA experience with seniors and care givers has been most rewarding and their testimonial support proves the enthusiasm for ZORA. ZORA quickly becomes a vital extension of the care staff and delivers a significant enhancement to the daily quality of life for seniors,” said Tommy Deblieck, co-ceo, ZORA ROBOTICS. “ChartaCares makes an excellent U.S. partner for us as they are deeply experienced in technology enabled health care and especially in robotics,” Deblieck added.

The company stated that the adoption of ZORA cannot only be justified by the quality of life enhancement it provides seniors but as a staff augmentation resource that helps relieve the burdens on care giving staff. For example, ZORA can lead an exercise class while staff can be more involved in working one on one with seniors versus having to stop the exercises to help or correct. ZORA can easily be used in one on one sessions that stimulate seniors via games, music and therapies that are vital to the lessening of the frustrations of Alzheimer’s /dementia. Controlled via a tablet computer, care staff can easily re-purpose ZORA for the selected situational use case. Custom use cases are easily created via ZORA’s user friendly software.