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2017 NAO User and Developer Congress.

Special Keynote:

IBM Watson and NAO

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ChartaCloud Robotics | ROBOTTECA

Hosts 2017 NAO User and Developer Congress

This Year’s Theme: “The World of NAO” Proved that NAO is Truly a Global Star


The 2017 NAO User and Developer Congress was held September 21 and 22 at the UMASS Lowell’s New England Robot Validation and Evaluation Center (NERVE). This was the second NAO Congress hosted by ChartaCloud | Robotteca. Attendees from around the world once again came together to learn about and explore the latest in NAO applications, use cases and behavior technologies.

This year’s Congress event was “Chaired’  by Mike Radice of ChartaCloud | ROBOTTECA and featured keynotes by Dr. Kulkarni, MIT Pune, India and Kranti Athalye, IBM, who delivered an in depth view of developments surrounding NAO and IBM Watson; SoftBank’s Laurent Lec provided attendees with an overview of the exciting development history of NAO; Dr. Phil Parker showcased his advanced use of NAO in medical/health care applications; Nancy Moses of New Life Robotics addressed the use of NAO in the modern classroom; Wayne Moulton and Emily Reddy, New Heights presented on the use of NAO in after school robotics programs; Dr. Tanya Beran, RXRobots, and Jackie Pearson, Alberta Children’s Hospital shared the advances of NAO’s uses in pediatric children’s hospitals; and Madison Clark-Turner discussed the research results unfolding with  NAO at the University of New Hampshire’s Assisted Robotics Lab -especially in autism therapies.

Pre-Congress attendee interest in NAO in autism motivated the Congress organizers to add an extra third day to this year’s Congress, dedicated exclusively to the clinical and research results in robot mediated behavior intervention in autism.

Particular excitement was generated by a full day offering an expanded slate of technical breakout sessions. The agenda allowed attendees to choose from a series of technical sessions led by NAO experts and ‘peer group led’ sessions that focused on very specific topics such as ‘for educators’ and for ‘advanced NAO programming’.

2017 Congress Showcase Awards were presented to: Joao Victor Silva for his NAO in Commerce application; Victor Pronchev for SDK use in developing NAO as a network monitoring assistant; and Michael Wimmer for his use of NAO in educational programs. Congratulations to these award winners!


One of the unique aspects of the NAO Congress is the willingness and active participation of NAO users and developers to become part of the agenda and offer their time and talent to present or be session leaders. The NAO community and the comradary of individuals from around the world speaks to the fact that NAO remains vibrant and growing!

As always, the networking opportunities, throughout the Congress allowed attendees to meet other users and developers and gather and share insights about NAO and served to further the belief that ‘all things NAO’ are just beginning. Everyone felt the future of NAO is brighter than ever and that the 2018 Congress will have a big challenge to better the 2017 Congress.


Stay tuned!


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